The Heart's Longing -- Book Three of The Briarcrest Chronicles
A 2011 Finalist for the Golden Crown Literary Society's "Goldie" award.

 More romance and adventure from women with ties to
 Briarcrest.  This time, two women from the twenty-first
 century try to gain information they need to save the memory
 of the beloved Briarcrest and end up helping save lives - and
 loves - in the past.... 


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The Keepers of Briarcrest   have a long history.    What happens when Trinn Wells, 
a thirty-something pastry chef from Boston, discovers her connection to the place  
and the people of Briarcrest?  And what part has the Wycombe family, most recently 
Sidney Wycombe, an established  young  London  solicitor,  played in keeping the 
history of Briarcrest alive?  When the two women meet, the attraction is strong, but
they struggle to keep their  feelings from  interferring  with their mission  to save the
memory of Briarcrest.  Will they be able to  succeed or will  the  memory die forever?
And  will  they be  able  to break  down each  other's walls  and fulfill  the longing  of 
their  own  hearts?   Find  out  in  Book  Three  of  The  Briarcrest  Chronicles  -- 
The Heart's Longing.



Chapter One

The dream jarred Trinn awake.  Her curls lay in tangles around her head. 
Sweat beaded on her forehead and her chest heaved as she stared into the 
darkness through large blue eyes.  The dream occurred frequently, but she 
had never remembered any details, until now.  She allowed the feelings to churn. 
A blurred image began to sharpen.  A forest, dark and cold.  Running for her life. 
Not so much a flight from something as a running toward…a place…of safety 
and protection.  A word materialized from deep within her memory with strong 
certainty.  Home.

Her breathing calmed and she strained to remember more.  Sensations 
bombarded her.  The color green.  The smell of sweet spring grass.  Warm 
sunlight on her face upon emerging from the darkness of a woodland.  The 
pull of an edifice built of soft pink, almost-glowing stones.  Home.  Finally a 
name came to her.  She had no idea who it was, but it was definitely a name 
that made her smile.  MacGregor.  Someone well known to her.  Someone for 
whom she reserved a special place in her heart.
  MacGregor made her laugh 
and when he did, she wasn’t afraid of the dark places any more.  Her heart felt 
light when she considered him.  Her breathing quieted even more.  She closed 
her eyes and saw rolling green hills with low stone walls that marked out 
boundaries, but she couldn’t hang on to the image.  It faded from her mind’s eye 
in an instant.  Still, she knew MacGregor was there.  She longed to go back to him.

A flash of memory flitted across her consciousness and she knew he had 
been the reason for her search in the forest.  But she had almost lost her way.  She 
rubbed her eyes, trying to conjure up the image and it proved unsuccessful.  It was 

A siren wailed a few blocks away as an emergency vehicle sped down a 
nearby Jamaica Plain street.  She took a few steps from the tiny studio’s bedroom 
area to the kitchenette to get a drink of water and glanced at the clock on the wall 
glowing neon pink.  Two o’clock in the morning.  The emotion of the dream was still 
with her, even though the details had vanished.  She raised the glass to her mouth 
and tasted the sweet, cool liquid.  Another fleeting image shimmered and faded. 
It was more of an impression really.  She cupped her hand in a fast-flowing, shallow 
stream, drinking from it, quenching her thirst.  The name came to her a second time…

As Trinn sank down into bed, drifting back to sleep, the question still hammered in 
her mind.
  Who was MacGregor?  Something else niggled at her.  She only had a few 
more hours to sleep before going back to a job she hated in a place she detested for 
a man she despised.  The sound that came from her throat almost threatened to bring 
her back to full wakefulness.  She pushed the bitter image away.  In a few minutes, 
peaceful sleep came to her as she blocked out unpleasant recollections with the 
whispered name …MacGregor.



Furtado's characters are very real and quite likeable.  Trinn has a wonderful innocence 
as she experiences the wonders of 'high end' London.  Sidney, trying to balance her 
successful law practice, deal with her health issues, and solve the mystery of Briarcrest 
appeals to all readers who are multi-taskers
The Heart's Longing has it all: a good 
story, creepy villains, and a good romance!      --RLynn - Just About Write Reviewer

Escalating suspense and interwoven layers of mystery create a hook that leaves readers 
engrossed and turning pages to the next major discovery. Gently erotic sensuality, laden 
with emotion, scented with romance, "The Heart's Longing" provides a wonderfully 
captivating reading experience. Although this volume is book three in the series, it works 
fine as a stand-alone novel, though you will be inspired to check out the first two books as well.
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars                            --PermaFrost - Rainbow Reviews

A reader wrote:
Just finished reading "The Heart's Longing" and had to email you to say how much I  
enjoyed it.  I would've read it in one sitting except I couldn't keep my eyes open and 
had to stop at about 2 am.  Picked it up again (after getting my coffee) the next 
morning and finished it.



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